Efficient Gold(I) Acyclic Diaminocarbenes for the Synthesis of Propargylamines and Indolizines

Efficient Gold(I) Acyclic Diaminocarbenes for the Synthesis of Propargylamines and Indolizines

Mélanie Aliaga-Lavrijsen, Raquel P. Herrera, M. Dolores Villacampa, and M. Concepción Gimeno

ACS Omega20183, 9805–9813.

Abstract: Mononuclear gold(I) acyclic diaminocarbenes (ADCs) were prepared by the reaction of 1,2-cyclohexanediamine with the corresponding isocyanide complexes [AuCl(CNR)] (R = Cy, tBu). The three-component coupling of aldehydes, amines, and alkynes was investigated by using these gold(I) ADC complexes. The new gold(I) metal complexes are highly efficient catalysts for the synthesis of propargylamines and indolizines in the absence of solvent and in mild conditions. This method affords the corresponding final products with excellent yields in short reaction times. Additionally, chiral gold(I) complexes with ADCs have been prepared and tried in the enantioselective synthesis of propargylamines.

Topics: Carbene complexes; Catalysts; Multicomponent reaction; Organic compounds and Functional groups; Physical and chemical processes

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