Young researchers meet in Badajoz and discuss about CHEMISTRY

HOCA PhD students joined last week, the XIV Simposio de Investigadores Jóvenes de la RSEQ, celebrated in Badajoz (Spain).





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A new “visiting student” in our lab

Hunting a Pokemon while setting up reactions…

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Juanvi joined the UPPA-UPV / EHU Transboundary Doctorials

Juanvi has been in Arantzazu (Gipuzkoa), from October 16th to 19th working with other PhD students in the “Doctoriales transfronterizos UPPA-UPV/EHU” (UPPA-UPV / EHU Transboundary Doctorials), organized by the Master’s and Doctorate School of the UPV / EHU (MDe), in collaboration with the University of Pau et des Pays de l’Adour (UPPA).

He met a lot of new people, and learnt a lot in these intensive days.

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Just accepted! New article about making more efficient enatioselective organocatalytic reactions

Juanvi has worked hard in this project and now the first results have just come out. The central idea is to generate in situ, the carbonyl compound, via oxidation of an alcohol, which is involved in a subsequent asymmetric organocatalytic reacion (Henry and aldol reactions). This makes in general, the reactions more efficient.


Organocatalyzed enantioselective aldol and Henry reactions
starting from benzylic alcohols, Alegre Requena J. V.; Marqués-López, E.; Herrera, R. Adv. Synth. Catal. 2017, DOI: 10.1002/adsc.201701351.

Abstract. Pioneering aldol and Henry reactions starting from alcohols are described. The aldol reaction has been successfully performed following a one-pot strategy starting from alcohols, while the Henry reaction has been carried out following a sequential protocol for the first time. In both processes, enantiomerically enriched products were obtained with good yields and high enantioselectivities. We have also demonstrated that in reactions sensitive to small amounts of acid the use of alcohols instead of aldehydes could be a good solution for improving the results of these reactions.

Keywords. alcohol; aldehyde; aldol; Henry; MnO2; organocatalysis; one-pot; oxidation.

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Proud of wearing the pink T-shirt!

Raquel, along with colleagues and friends, ran once again for a solidary reason the “Carrera de la MUJER” in Zaragoza.

Greetings to all women!

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Welcome Sofía!

We want to give our warmest welcome to Sofía to our group. She will work on her Master thesis dealing with the synthesis of metal-squaramide complexes and the study of their properties. Good luck!


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Javi defended his Bachelor thesis

Last 28th September, Javi presented his Bachelor thesis (TFG) and he got a good mark. Congratulations!

He is now studying a Master in Madrid. We wish him all the best!
Come to visit us with peaches soon! 😉

Little present from your Alma mater University…


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Fer completed his 2nd year of PhD!

Last September 26th, Fernando presented to the Doctoral Committee of the Organic Chemistry Program, a summary of the research advances of his second year of doctorate.

He did it excellent, congratulations and good luck in your 3rd year!

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David visites us after long time!

Our friend and colleague, David Díez from the University of Regensburg, was in Zaragoza last Monday (2nd October). We enjoyed a lot talking about chemistry and much much more. Thank you for coming!

See you soon “here” or “there”… Tschüss!

Conchita, David, Maru and Raquel

Raquel, David, Juanvi, Maru and Isaac

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HOCA participates in the European Researchers’ Night

As each year on the last Friday in September, last Friday took place the European Researchers’ Night. This is a big event dedicated to popular science and fun learning, celebrated simultaneously in 300 cities across Europe and in neighbouring countries. Raquel, Sandra and Isaac were in CAIXAFORUM ZARAGOZA explaining to curious people about quirality and other interesting things.

For sure, all of them enjoyed a lot!!

Isaac and Sandra



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