Synthesis of optically active warfarin by using an aromatic amine

First aromatic amine organocatalysed activation of α,β-unsaturated ketones, Sonsona, I. G.; Marqués-López, E.; Gimeno, M. C.; Herrera, R. P. New J. Chem. 2019, 43, 12233-12240. DOI: 10.1039/c9nj02392e.

Abstract. This work provides an unprecedented example of a chiral aromatic amine used to activate α,β-unsaturated ketones in asymmetric aminocatalysis. Chiral aromatic diamine VII has been efficiently employed, as a proof of concept, in the Michael addition reaction between benzylideneacetones (1a–f) and coumarins (2a–d). The reaction gives rise to warfarin derivatives 3 with promising results using this family of catalysts for the first time. The additional studies performed supported the bifunctional mode of activation of the chiral catalyst VII and the covalent nature of the interactions between the catalyst VII and benzylideneacetones 1.

Congratulations, Isaac!


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Saying hello to summer holidays…

… all together around the table, enjoying nice food and nice company!

Fer, Isaac, Guillermo, Sara, Raquel, Pablo, Gonzalo, Javier, Maru.


Enjoy summer!!!!

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Infiltrated between inorganic chemists

Raquel joined the XI REUNIÓN CIENTÍFICA DE BIOINORGÁNICA, celebrated in Lugo (Spain) from 30 June to 3 July 2019. She presented her work “Synthesis of metal complexes of group 11 with thiourea or squaramides ligands: Study of their biological properties” (Anabel Izaga, Daniel Salvador-Gil, M. Lourdes Ortego, Raquel P. Herrera y M. Concepción Gimeno), which has been awarded as the best poster. Congratulations!

Marta, Vanesa, Conchita and Raquel. Gala dinner.

Raquel receiving the award to the best poster.

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Maru: once again, a year older!

Happy birthday! 😉

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Fer participated in the II Doctoral Conference of the Organic Chemistry Doctoral Program of the UZ

Last monday, may 27th, Fer presented very successfully, the most recent results of his PhD projects in the II Jornada Doctoral, celebrated in the Faculty of Sciences of our University.


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Easter is coming…

… and we celebrate it meeting in one of our favorite places!

After enjoying Japanese food…

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Dr. Sonsona, already!

Last March 15th, Isaac had the Defense of his Doctoral Thesis and he did it excellent!


We wish all the best Dr. Sonsona. Thank you very much!


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Enjoying and doing scientific dissemination at once

Raquel gave an spectacular conference about Chemistry through the mirror in the evolution of drugs, within Conferences Program (CSIC): “What do we know about…?”


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Celebrating Women’s day receiving an award!

Last Tuesday, March 12, Conchita Gimeno collected her award “March 8, Women of the Campo de Cariñena 2019”. After that, she and Raquel gave very nice talks to celebrate Women’s day. Congratulations!



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Luca and Raquel: old friends together after 15 years!

Last Friday, March 8th, Dr. Luca Bernardi (University of Bologna) visited Zaragoza and gave us a wonderful talk as a present, about “Asymmetric Organocatalysis: Principles and Applications“. Thanks a lot, Luca!

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