Dr. Francisco Javier Sayago, biographical sketch

Dr. Francisco Javier Sayago obtained his degree in chemistry in 2002. Afterwards, he started his PhD thesis on the synthesis of carbohydrates of biological interest, under the supervision of Prof. José Fuentes and Dr. María Ángeles Pradera. While working on his thesis, he made a stay in the group of Professor Volker Jager, where he worked on the synthesis of carbohydrate-derived fucosidase inhibitors. He obtained his PhD in 2006, with the dissertation entitled “Síntesis de Iminociclitoles y de iminoespiroazúcares” which was presented under the “European Doctorate” modality and distinguished with the Extraordinary Doctorate Award.

Later, in June 2006, he joined Professor Carlos Cativiela’s group, in the University of Zaragoza, where he started working on the synthesis of amino acids derivatives of biological interest. In September 2006 he obtained an Assistant Professor position in the same University, which subsequently promoted until he earned an Associate Professor position in 2019 (Profesor Titular de Universidad). He is currently working in Dr. Raquel P. Herrera Group and his research interests include the synthesis and biological activity of amino acids, peptides, and aminophosphonic acids.