In H-OCA, a novel and efficient process for synthesizing squaramides has been developed. We have achieved reaction yields higher than 95%; minimizing time, resources consumption and waste generation.

If you need squaramides for your research, please contact us,


Some advantages of acquiring squaramides with H-OCA:

  • Cheaper: our price is about 40-70% cheaper than those in the current market
  • Shorter reaction times an thus shorter management times of your orders
  • High final yields
  • Feasibility on large scale
  • Chlorinated solvents free
  • Personalized customer service

Are you interested in acquiring H-OCA squaramides?
Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Contact us describing your REQUEST (squaramide structures, quantities, urgency, etc.): and
  2. We will contact you within a 3 days period to confirm the viability of your request and agree the required time; delivery terms; budget, etc.

We welcome your questions and suggestions