Eduardo Romanos Alfonso, biographical sketch

I finished my studies in Veterinary Medicine in the year 2000. In a short time I started working in the B.S.E. at the National Test Reference Laboratory rapid in spongiform encephalopathies. in Algete, (MADRID). There I learned laboratory techniques (Wester blot and ELISA) and work in Biosecurity environments. I finish this activity and I decide to continue training with a Master of Biotechnology at the UAM (Madrid).

After a year I returned to the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and started my PhD studies working with animal models (sheep), at the same time I collaborated in the Department of Anatomy and Embryology in the generation of transgenic mice for different research projects by microinjection in male pronucleus learning techniques of micromanipulation and microsurgery. In this period I also did some Biotechnology Practices in the company Zeu-immunotec (Zaragoza) developing an ELISA test for
quantify ovine IgG in blood and milk.

In 2003 I moved to Barcelona and started working at the Hospital Clinic performing microsurgery on rats and mice for several research projects focus on cerebral ischemia, at the Institute of Biomedical Research of Barcelona (IDIBAPS-CSIC). It is a period of about 3 years in which I perform the DEA in Neurosciences at the same time as a Master in Science and Welfare of the Laboratory Animal at the UAB, obtaining the category of Animal Welfare Advisor NIVEL D FELASA.
In 2005 I returned to Madrid to work in a Pharmaceutical (GSK) as “In vivo-Scientist” in the Department of Pharmacokinetics, where I develop diverse rodent models for its use in preclinical pharmacokinetics and improved the techniques of continuous infusion systems, automated blood sampling and portocaval anastomosis.

In May 2007, I returned to Zaragoza and started working at the Aragonese Institute of Health Sciences (IACS) as head of the Functional Valuation Unit. During more than 10 years I have been developing and collaborating in many research projects with rodents, actively working with imaging equipment (SPECT-CT, Optical Image Laser Doppler), telemetry as well as various metabolic and phenotyping tests (openfield test, rotarod, treadmill, oximetry, morris, ….). During these years, I have also participated actively as Technical Manager in the set up of the CIBA´s Animal facility. In this long period I obtain the License of Supervisor of Radioactive Installations (CSN) in Nuclear Medicine and since 2015 I participate as a member of the Ethical Advisory Commission for Animal Experimentation of the University of Zaragoza evaluating procedures with animals.
Currently and since 2017 I am head of the Scientific and Technical Service of Image and phenotyping in the Animal Facility of the CIBA.

Eduardo Romanos Alfonso, DVM
Técnico de Área
SCT Imagen Medica y Fenotipado
Instituto Aragonés de Ciencias de la Salud.

Dirección: CIBA Planta A, Avenida San Juan Bosco 13, 50009, Zaragoza
Teléfono: +34 976 71 36 00