Guillermo Canudo Barreras, biographical sketch

Guillermo Canudo Barreras was born in 1998 in Zaragoza, Spain. He began his studies in Chemistry in 2016 at the University of Zaragoza. He did an internship in HOCA group at the ISQCH research institute during 2019 summer, working on the synthesis of dihydropyridine derivatives with potential biological applications in anticancer drugs. In 2020, he graduated in Chemistry with his final degree project “Synthesis of Target Compounds Promoted by Gold Catalysts”. Currently, he is studying the ISQCH Master in Molecular Chemistry and Homogeneous Catalysis and doing his final project “Gold-Catalyzed Synthesis of Heterocycles” under the supervision of Dr. Raquel P. Herrera and Dr. M. Concepción Gimeno Floria in Inorganic Chemistry Department.