Sofía de Gea Serna, biographical sketch

Sofía de Gea Serna was born in Dolores, Alicante (Spain), in 1995. She graduated in Chemistry at the University of Alicante (2017) and her Final Degree Project was about the analysis of the catalytic activity of organometallic complexes based on pincer type ligands using different eutectic mixtures as a reaction medium, under the supervision of Dr. Diego J. Ramón Dangla. She studies the Master’s Degree in Molecular Chemistry and Homogeneous Catalysis at the ISQCH Institute (CSIC-University of Zaragoza) and she works on the synthesis of metal-squaramide complexes and the study of their properties, under the supervision of Dr. Raquel P. Herrera and Prof. Concepción Gimeno.