Tomorrow night, Isaac will entertain us with funny stories! Join the show!

Drinks with science” (“De copas con ciencia“) is an initiative of research institutes, ISQCH and ICMA (CSIC – University of Zaragoza), which aims to satisfy scientific curiosity of people in an enjoyable and fun atmosphere. This activity brings science (Chemistry and Materials Science) to bars using a scientific format monologue.

The event, with free admission, will begin on January 28 at 20:30 h in the “Magical Cellar” (“Sótano Mágico“, Calle San Pablo 43, Zaragoza) and it will be repeated periodically on the last Thursday of each month.


The evildoer of the mirror: side effects of drugs, chirality and other stories” (“El malvado del espejo: efectos secundarios de los fármacos, quiralidad y otras historias”) – Isaac Giménez Sonsona

Isaac will talk us about the active ingredients in drugs that, along with other chemicals, form three-dimensional structures where their atoms can be oriented in different directions in the space. Thus, giving rise to various structures and some of them can be grouped in pairs because each is “the mirror image” of the other. Nowadays, we know that every “twin” the couple may cause different effects by interacting with living matter. While one of them could have a beneficial effect on health, the other could hurt us or play a beneficial role completely different. Now, the good news! Chemistry has different tools to separate them or produce only the “good twin”, so avoiding problems with the “evil twin”.


Done!   What a success!   😉


Isaac having fun in “De copas con ciencia”

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