Scientists from ISQCH had breakfast with few High schools last week

Last February 16th, the scientists from ISQCH Elena Cerrada, Eugenia Marqués-López, Raquel Lumbreras, Fernando Lahoz and José María Fraile participated in the Global Women Breakfast (IUPAC) conducted by Beatriz Latre. This is an event that happens each year in conjunction with the United Nations Day of Women and Girls in Science. The aim is to celebrate the accomplishments of Women in Science and to inspire younger generations to pursue STEM careers.
More than 50 teenagers came to the Faculty of Science and many others from different cities of Spain attended the session online. We hope they enjoyed as much as we did sharing with them our personal experiences throughout our careers. We tried to transmit them our passion and enthusiasm for Science and Chemistry.
Beatriz, thank you for inviting me. It has been a pleasure and an honor for me!

Desayuno con científicas – ISQCH -2022

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