Chemical reviews just published!

Main Avenues in Gold Coordination Chemistry, Herrera, R. P.; Gimeno, M. C. Chem. Rev. 2021,

Hard, but gratifying work! Congratulations!!

Abstract. In this contribution, we provide an overview of the main avenues that have emerged in gold coordination chemistry during the last years. The unique properties of gold have motivated research in gold chemistry, and especially regarding the properties and applications of gold compounds in catalysis, medicine, and materials chemistry. The advances in the synthesis and knowledge of gold coordination compounds have been possible with the design of novel ligands becoming relevant motifs that have allowed the preparation of elusive complexes in this area of research. Strong donor ligands with easily modulable electronic and steric properties, such as stable singlet carbenes or cyclometalated ligands, have been decisive in the stabilization of gold(0) species, gold fluoride complexes, gold hydrides, unprecedented π complexes, or cluster derivatives. These new ligands have been important not only from the fundamental structure and bonding studies but also for the synthesis of sophisticated catalysts to improve activity and selectivity of organic transformations. Moreover, they have enabled the facile oxidative addition from gold(I) to gold(III) and the design of a plethora of complexes with specific properties.

Key words. Anions, Reaction products, Metals, Gold, Ligands

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