The results of a new collaboration with University of Gabes

Synthesis, structural determination and catalytic study of a new 2-D chloro-substituted zinc phosphate, (C8N2H20)[ZnCl(PO3(OH))]2, Rayes, A.; Herrera, R. P.; Moncer, M.; Ara, I.; Calestani, G.; Ayed, B.; Mezzadri, F. J. Mol. Struct. 2019,

Abstract. A novel chloro-substituted zinc-phosphate, (C8N2H20)[ZnCl(PO3(OH)]2, has been synthesized by a slow evaporation method in the presence of 1,3-cyclohexanebis- (methylamine), which acts as a template. The structure consists of vertex linked ZnO3Cl and PO3(OH) tetrahedral, assembled into corrugated porous layers [ZnCl(PO3(OH))2] with (4.82) topology. The optical properties were also investigated using Diffuse Reflecting Spectroscopy (DRS), showing that the title compound has semiconducting properties. In addition, the catalytic activity of (C8N2H20)[ZnCl(PO3(OH))]2 has been tested in the acetalisation reaction of aldehydes. The title compound displayed a high catalytic activity with practically total conversion in many examples using MeOD as solvent and as the sole source of acetalisation. More importantly, the reaction crudes are very clean and only the preferred products are found in the NMR spectra.


Zinc-phosphate, Open framework structure, Chloride-substitution, X-ray diffraction, Spectroscopic techniques, Catalytic activity
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