New article published in collaboration with Prof. Houcine Naïli!

Synthesis, structural determination and antimicrobial evaluation of two novel CoII and ZnII halogenometallates as efficient catalysts for the acetalization reaction of aldehydes, Maatar Ben Salah, A.; Belghith Fendri, L.; Bataille, T.; Herrera, R. P.; Naïli, H. Chem. Cent. J. 2018,

Background: Complexes of imidazole derivatives with transition metal ions have attracted much attention because of their biological and pharmacological activities, such as antimicrobial, antifungal, antiallergic, antitumoural and antimetastatic properties. In addition, imidazoles occupy an important place owing to their meaningful catalytic activity in several processes, such as in hydroamination, hydrosilylation, Heck reaction and Henry reaction. In this work, we describe the crystallization of two halogenometallate based on 2-methylimidazole. Their IR, thermal analysis, catalytic properties and antibacterial activities have also been investigated.
Results: Two new isostructural organic-inorganic hybrid materials, based on 2-methyl-1H-imidazole, 1 and 2, were synthesized and fully structurally characterized. The analysis of their crystal packing reveals non-covalent interactions, including C/N–H···Cl hydrogen bonds and π···π stacking interactions, to be the main factor governing the supramolecular assembly of the crystalline complexes. The thermal decomposition of the complexes is a mono-stage process, confrmed by the three-dimensional representation of the powder difraction patterns (TDXD). The catalytic structure exhibited promising activity using MeOH as solvent and as the unique source of acetalization. Moreover, the antimicrobial
results suggested that metal-complexes exhibit signifcant antimicrobial activity.
Conclusion: This study highlights again the structural and the biological diversities within the feld of inorganic–organic hybrids.
Keywords: Halogenometallate, X-ray difraction, Thermal analysis, Antibacterial activities, Hydrogen bonds, Supramolecular architecture, Catalysis

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