Fernando and Isaac took part in the “European Researchers’ Night”

On 25 September, Isaac and Fernando took part in the “European Researchers’ Night” in Zaragoza. This is a huge international event that takes place in 280 cities across Europe and beyond, aiming to aproach Science to society.

imagen NI

Scientific dissemination is an important and nice responsibility of the scientific community. Two young scientists of our HOCA research group proudly contributed to such effort  explaining two interesting topics to a very wide audience -from kids to adults-:

Isaac presented a virtual journey through the History of Chemistry telling brief stories and anecdotes of “Famous chemists in Organic Chemistry”.

IMG-20150925-WA0005 IMG-20150925-WA0008 IMG-20150925-WA0009 IMG-20150925-WA0010


On the other hand, Fernando gave a talk approaching to his audience “The daily life of an organic chemist”.

IMG-20150925-WA0011 IMG-20150925-WA0013 IMG-20150925-WA0014 IMG-20150925-WA0015

They both had a very and unique experience sharing their knowledge with many other city neighbours. HOCA wants to congratulate Isaac and Fernando for their effort, illusion and dedication in the “European Researchers’ Night” in Zaragoza.

 (Photos by R. P. Herrera)
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